Monday, 21 March 2011


Few hours ago, my "pok"s and i had another Seafood meal again and i guess this time i should hv post it into my blog. For them, they had seafood for their dinner cum supper almost one week.... me, 2 days!!

I guess, they had great "war" with the crabs. Well i can say 3 Human vs 4 Crabs. Soon as the crab out from the wok, putting them into the steel container, the chopstick armor in and... fight starts...... I bet u can hear a lot of cracking noises.
Another victim!
Stacked on the Plate!!

... 30mins later, relieved and happy.....

soon after..... Glorious!!!!

Hihi~~ Damn you crab.. gotcha!!

Let me show you... "Just Do It" crab!

Well, having seafood with some beer, not too bad, juz enjoy it! Thanks GOD for giving these friends into my life!!! LOL!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I got it from one of my friend, Felicia. She gave it to me and i finish reading it. Very interesting and at first the story was quite funny. 

Its about young boy who desperately wanted to learn and earn more pocket money. So, he went to his friend's dad factory, of course together with his friend along. His friend's dad promised to teach them only if they work for him. Ten cent per hour, three hours on every Saturday....
In this book, there are 10 chapters: Intro Chapter, The rich Dont Work For Money, Why Teach Financial Literacy, Mind Your Own Business, The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations, The Rich Invent Moeny, Work to Learn-Dont Work for Money, Overcoming Obstacles, Getting Started and Still Want More?.

As i dont really read a lot, for this book, i have no idea why i love it very much. I should hv give 5/5! 

"If you want all insider wisdom on how to personally get and STAY rich, read this book! Bribe your kids(financially if you have to) to do the same." Marck Victor Hansen, Co-author, NYT.

**FYI, i saw the price tag behind the book, i guess my friend intent asking me to pay for it, LOL!

The First Blog...

Well, its my first blog ever.. i have no idea exactly how to start but i hope i can keep going on blogging. Generally for the time being, i will post any event or happening(as long, i was there)... hope you will enjoy reading and sharing... c ya!