Monday, 21 March 2011


Few hours ago, my "pok"s and i had another Seafood meal again and i guess this time i should hv post it into my blog. For them, they had seafood for their dinner cum supper almost one week.... me, 2 days!!

I guess, they had great "war" with the crabs. Well i can say 3 Human vs 4 Crabs. Soon as the crab out from the wok, putting them into the steel container, the chopstick armor in and... fight starts...... I bet u can hear a lot of cracking noises.
Another victim!
Stacked on the Plate!!

... 30mins later, relieved and happy.....

soon after..... Glorious!!!!

Hihi~~ Damn you crab.. gotcha!!

Let me show you... "Just Do It" crab!

Well, having seafood with some beer, not too bad, juz enjoy it! Thanks GOD for giving these friends into my life!!! LOL!

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